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Renewable Oil International® LLC (ROI) is a company dedicated to developing Advanced Fast Pyrolysis Biorefinery Technology to cost effectively fractionate wood and other types of biomass into high-value products. The ROI technology has these features:


  • Innovative, simplified design that can be factory fabricated in transportable modules
  • Relatively low capital, operating, and maintenance costs
  • Does not require boilers or process water
  • Essentially energy self-sufficient
  • Cost effective at relatively small scale
  • Capable of processing virtually any biomass material
  • Produces a high-value liquid product with multiple energy and non-energy markets


Contact Information

Phillip C. Badger
President & Chief Manager
Renewable Oil International® LLC
3115 Northington Court
P.O. Box 26
Florence, AL 35630
256.740.5635 fax